Hello lovely friends...

I've just completed my latest novel, The Healing Room!

I hope you enjoy!

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What would you do to have one more conversation with a deceased relative?
To see them again, know they’re happy, and that Heaven is just how you imagined.

Welcome to The Healing Room. Brought to you by No Divide, a kind
and caring company, founded on sentiment.

Despite the miraculous transformation of her once reclusive employer,
seventeen-year-old Bronwyn questions No Divide's motives.

Twenty-one-year-old Mateo, while grateful to have his first real job,
struggles with the secrecy surrounding The Healing Room.

Converging on the realization No Divide may not be what it seems,
Mateo and Bronwyn, with lives on the line, plot to uncover the truth.


Born in England, in the County of Hampshire, Michaela James is one of four children.
Her childhood was a happy one spent riding horses and traveling extensively with her fun-loving family.
Michaela's professional life includes narrating audiobooks, performing voice-over work, live radio remotes and writing.
Mother of two and step-mother of two, Michaela enjoys playing tennis with her children and relaxing with her husband.